Information pertaining to merging AA's AAdvantage & USAirways Dividend Miles accounts

This spring, in conjunction with their merger, American Airlines & USAirways will be combining their frequent flyer programs.   The new program will retain the name of American's loyalty program, AAdvantage. For travelers that currently have memberships in both AAdvantage and Dividend Miles (USAir's legacy loyalty program), the airlines have put forth information pertaining to how to merge the two mileage programs.   Please see the following link for details

Of note - if a traveler only has a USAir Dividends Mileage account and does not currently have an American AAdvantage account, the traveler will automatically receive a new AAdvantage account number once the programs officially combine this Spring.  Existing Dividend Miles' balances will be automatically transferred into the new AAdvantage account number for the traveler. In such cases, please note that the new AAdvantage number that is assigned will need to be added to the traveler's Cain Travel profile so that the traveler receives credit for flights once the new combined program officially launches.