American Airlines to change AAdvantage membership program

American Airlines will be changing the way its AAdvantage membership program operates from solely mileage-based to one that is both mileage & revenue based.

Beginning August 1, travelers on American will earn 5 miles per dollar spent on base fares.  Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum members will earn 7 miles, 8 miles and 11 miles per dollar spent, respectively.

Beginning January of 2017, American will also tie spending levels to status levels.  In addition to mileage or segment requirements to attain AAdvantage status tiers, travelers will need to spend at least $3,000 on qualify purchases to reach Gold status, $6,000 for Platinum and $12,000 for Executive Platinum.

American will also be adding a new tier between Platinum and Executive Platinum called Platinum Pro. This level, which will require $9,000 qualifying dollars and either 75,000 flown miles or 90 flown segments.

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