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United Airlines issues flight waivers due to Covid-19 outbreak in DIA air traffic control tower

Due to a Covid-19 outbreak in the air traffic control tower at Denver International Airport (DIA) causing staffing issues and cleaning closures, United Airlines is allowing customers traveling to,...

IATA slated to launch Covid-19 app to safely verify personal health credentials during travel

The International Air Transport Association is slated to launch an app that would allow passengers to seamlessly have their health credentials verified in a safe and privacy-protected manner...

First Nor'easter of 2020

The first Nor'easter of 2020 is set to hit the mid-Atlantic & Northeast states on December 16 & 17 bringing heavy snow and a winter storm watch.  Cain has generated reports to determine who may be...

NY Governor Cuomo announces new entry guidelines - Option to “Test Out” of mandatory 14-day quarantine

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced new guidelines Saturday, October 31st  that allow travelers to “test out” of the mandatory 14-day quarantine. The new guidelines take effect November 4th,...

Cain Travel Launches Proprietary Covid-19 Data Navigator

Cain Travel has developed a proprietary application to keep our clients up-to-date on the rapidly changing Covid-19 situation transpiring within destinations world-wide. Providing access to...

American & Delta match United's change fee policy

Delta and American have matched United’s new policy surrounding the elimination of change penalty fees. Below are two charts to help you navigate how the airlines' new policies stack up.

Hotel and Car Rental Covid-19 Cleaning Protocol Links

Avis Safety Protocols

Pre-Travel Approval

By implementing a pre-trip authorization strategy, you can ensure that all travel requests are being monitored & reviewed.  Travel reservations that are not deemed as necessary – or, in the age of...

LUMO Covid19 API enhances Cain destination-based intelligence

Disruption predictions with real-time flight status and travel alerts such as airline waivers to deliver all the information you need to proactively manage disruptions. Airport capacity estimates...

Cain Integration with DOMO provides invaluable Business Intelligence to clients

DOMO enables Cain Travel to deliver data-driven innovations and solutions for clients by connecting and automating the flow of data.   

Displaying 21-30 of 292