United Announces New Boarding Process

United has introduced a new boarding process to ensure efficient on time departures and reduce boarding time by more than 20%.

Coined “WilMA”, this previously announced boarding process replaces the former system of assigning economy customers to groups based on row   numbers. With WilMA, economy groups three, four and five are seated in order of window, middle, aisle, respectively, when boarding aircraft.

WilMA Boarding Process  

  • Group 1 -  Global Services, Premier        1K, Premier Platinum and all Front Cabins
  • Group 2 -  Premier Gold, Star Gold,        Premier Alliance Silver, Star Alliance Silver, Paid Premier Access,        Chase Club Card and Chase Presidential Plus Card holders
  • Group 3 -  Economy Plus        and Economy - window seats
  • Group 4 -  Economy – middle seats
  • Group 5 -  Economy – aisle seats

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