Mileage Plus To Be Based on Fare Not Mileage

As of March 1, 2015, the award miles earned on most United and United Express® tickets will be based on the price of the ticket and not on the distance flown. Travelers with Premier® status will have the opportunity to earn additional award miles based on their MileagePlus status:
General Members will earn 5x the ticket price
Premier Silver Members will earn 7x
Premier Gold Members will earn 8x
Premier Platinum Members will earn 9x
Premier 1Ks will earn 11x
Under this new program, earning Elite MileagePlus status will continue to be based on the current system of actual miles flown and/or attaining certain spending thresholds.
Members of United's MileagePlus program should expect to receive additional information directly from United as time moves forward.
More information can be found in the USA Today Article

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