Car Rental Shortage Protocol

The nationwide car rental shortage that began in March 2021 is now a very real challenge for business travelers and one we at Cain hope to help you avoid. 

Best practices: 

  • Book in advance when possible.
  • Sign up for the counter-bypass/membership programs through the links provided in your Cain online tools.  
  • If your traveler has “preferred” status with a vendor, and dates show “sold out” in the online booking tool, contact an agent (or add a “comment to agent” within the online booking process). The Online Systems do not verify status at the time of the search. A Cain agent will assist with this at the time of booking. 

Should a situation occur where you have a confirmed reservation for a vehicle and arrive to find there is no car available, please call your team at Cain Travel and allow us to assist you. We are here to help. 1.800.346.4747 or 303.443.2246

Below are the steps we will take to help remedy the situation and provide a solution.

  • Call car rental location where confirmed vehicle should be, if open, and speak to management.
  • Contact our sales representative for the respective car rental company and report the issue. 
  • Check our agency database for other vehicle options and availability.
  • If no vehicles are available, assist/recommend other forms of transportation based on location and needs.  Due to individual company policies, we are only able to book through traditional car rental companies.  

A variety of alternate options now exist to rent cars from other sources, including renting privately owned vehicles. Please provide guidance to your travelers of what is permitted based on company policy allowances, insurance, and liability concerns.

We recommend sharing the above information with your travelers. 

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