Cain Travel Launches Proprietary Covid-19 Data Navigator

Cain Travel has developed a proprietary application to keep our clients up-to-date on the rapidly changing Covid-19 situation transpiring within destinations world-wide. Providing access to pertinent information when traveling is our top priority, therefore we are offering this valuable tool detailed below as a complimentary service to all of our clients.

Our Covid-19 Data Navigator integrates live API feeds from multiple data sources to provide a quick and efficient way to identify potential travel restrictions in place at destinations around the globe.  This service provides information at the Country, State/Province and Airport County level and provides the following information:

  • Area Status Information for services
  • Government Restrictions
  • Country/State Regulations
  • Testing Requirements (if published)
  • Travel Restrictions (if published)
  • Quarantine Information (if published)
  • Further Details (Links) for each locality

This service will allow travelers to research destinations before travel is booked.  The service can be found at:


Information contained within our Covid-19 Data Navigator is now integrated with all of our travel itineraries and can be quickly referenced by the traveler at any point.  Covid-19 links will be provided for each destination contained in a travel itinerary.   Here is an example link for New York - Laguardia Airport (LGA)


Companies may request that Cain Travel send notification for each booking made by travelers to evaluate travel risk based on data contained within our Covid-19 Data Navigator.  Notifications can be directed to both the traveler, and to a risk related email address for review. 

covid navigator

This valuable resource will be an asset for both your travelers and from a traveler Duty of Care perspective.   Contact your Account Manager to activate Covid-19 Notifications. 

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